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About Hunter Warfield

Revenue Recovery

Hunter Warfield provides revenue recovery services. We are known for our innovative technology and respectful approach that, when combined, ensures your integrity is maintained while delivering the highest recovery rate for your bottom line.

Hunter Warfield aims to provide you with excellent service and results. As the nation’s most trusted revenue recovery partner, we can help to rebuild your bottom line while taking care of you with superior service, outstanding management tools, and reliable reporting.

Hunter Warfield will focus on three key goals:

  • Recover debts
  • Maintain your company image
  • Save you time

With Hunter Warfield as your revenue recovery partner, you will be working with a firm of experts with specialized knowledge, superior results and a passion second-to-none; a partner you can trust.

Hunter Warfield is the perfect choice of partner for any business that provides credit, provides customers with payment terms on goods or services, or provides extended, relationship-based contracts. We know that as a business, we sometimes need to provide credit to make our businesses successful and when this arrangement is dishonored or forced into breakdown, Hunter Warfield is here to help.


We take great pride in our employees and their development. We understand that the relationship you have built with your clients is important to you. We strive to be both effective and mindful of our clients' brand image; therefore, our collectors go through a rigorous onsite training and testing program so they are equipped to handle a wide range of call types. They are trained in our client’s particular industry and the nuances of each client within that shared industry. Our collectors are also FDCPA, FCRA, TCPA and HIPAA trained and attend continuing education courses throughout their career at Hunter Warfield.


A team well prepared beyond industry norms is complemented with an in-house legal and compliance team headed by a General Counsel with a wealth of litigation experience. This ensures that everything we do is managed and monitored to the highest standards. In a day and age where lawsuits are an occupational hazard for every business, Hunter Warfield maximizes debt recovery and minimizes exposure to liability.

Mission Statement

To create change in the financial lives of our clients.

We do this by improving our customer’s profitability thru innovative, aggressive, and respectful revenue recovery procedures while educating those we are collecting from on healthier financial business relationships.

Core Values

Accountability, Respect, Kaizen


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