Financial Debt Collection

Financial Debt Collections

Those in the finance and banking industries face serious obstacles that make profitability even more challenging:

• An economic recession that is sluggish to recover.
• Widespread credit crunch that makes investment capital difficult to obtain.
• Lending defaults that have reached record highs.

We provide a comprehensive package of services designed specifically to meet the needs of our clients in the financial services industry. Hunter Warfield delivers results that help you build a healthy cash flow with significantly less bad debt while improving the process for customer acquisition and retention through our thorough credit screening processes.

We successfully design and manage collections for a variety of financial clients including: credit card issuers, credit unions, banks, financing companies, and retail credit issuers. They look to us to lead collections for things like:

• Loan deficiencies - Personal, business, and commercial.
• Lines of credit.
• Home equity deficiency.
• Credit cards.

As a Hunter Warfield client, you will have cutting-edge technology and highly trained collections experts at work for you to recover your receivables quickly and with higher returns.

A partner you can trust

Hunter Warfield provides full disclosure on all collector activity. Using our advanced technology, we provide real-time status updates, review all previous actions taken on the account, and share meaningful and detailed notes with you on each of your accounts. We have developed best-practices work strategies that give us the flexibility to customize the work we do for you according to your policy and procedures.