Medical Debt Collection

Healthcare Debt Collections

At Hunter Warfield we understand that the collection needs of our clients in the healthcare industry extend beyond fast and efficient recovery. We know you’re also concerned about the security of patient healthcare information and adherence to HIPAA law during each stage of the collections process.

To ensure the security of data for all of our clients, Hunter Warfield completed the SSAE 16 audit by the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA). Our certification through this organization is the necessary third-party acknowledgement that shows our clients we have each of the proper controls in place to protect all of the information our clients entrust with us.

Our collections professionals receive ongoing training to keep them at the top of their game. Proper education on the numerous changing collection laws as well as current HIPAA regulations are among the many areas of ongoing study. This allows us to remain adaptive to and responsive to the changing needs of our clients in the healthcare industry.

We understand the majority of healthcare expenses are the result of an unplanned accident or illness. We are sensitive to this and work to educate your patients on the options available to them both now and to prevent future bad debt problems.

Here are some of the benefits we provide our healthcare clients:

• Professional, certified collection agents that deliver results while protecting your hard-earned image
• Payment options geared toward timely and complete payment.
• Cutting-edge technology to build a customized approach.
• Work with itemized statement and billing systems.
• Account review and analysis.

As a Hunter Warfield client, you will have cutting-edge technology and highly trained collections experts at work for you to recover your receivables quickly and with higher returns while remaining sensitive to the unique needs of your industry.

That’s Hunter Warfield.

A partner you can trust

Hunter Warfield provides full disclosure on all collector activity. Using our advanced technology, we provide real-time status updates, review all previous actions taken on the account, and share meaningful and detailed notes with you on each of your accounts. We have developed best-practices work strategies that give us the flexibility to customize the work we do for you according to your policy and procedures.